Gildset is a full-service platform for the legal issuance and regulated trading of tokens, token-based securities, and cryptocurrencies.

We are building the stock exchange of the future, providing not just regulated trading services, but also in-house capital and business formation services.

We will provide a turn-key solution for anyone to launch an ICO, fully compliant with all United States securities regulation, with a built-in secondary market for instant investor liquidity.

Regulated ICOs

Startups will be able to issue tokens with full legal and regulatory compliance. Gildset will help with each step of the process so anyone can legally raise the funds they need.

Regulated Exchange

Gildset will be a Regulation ATS trading venue, with a goal set for recognition and regulation as a national securities exchange. Listing tokens on Gildset will not only provide confidence to investors and traders, but being a national securities exchange will make the process even easier.

ICO Roadshow

Float an ICO idea on Gildset for the world to see. Popular ideas will move through the Gildset book building, due diligence, and regulatory process for launch on the platform.

Business Formation

Gildset will provide everything needed to start a business, no matter where you are. Gildset will incorporate your startup, serve as your agent for service of process, give you a street mailing address, forward your mail, act as your transfer agent, and provide your investors with proxy services.

Index Funds

More of a passive investor? Gildset will offer a number of token index funds with zero management fee, as well as a means to dollar-cost average each month, automatically.

Token Options

Hedge risk or speculate with quarterlys, monthys, and LEAPS.

Trade Management

Web-based trade management, allowing you to check your positions and trade from anywhere.

FIX API Connectivity

Use your own trading software through the Gildset FIX API. Gildset will also offer exchange colocation for market makers and proprietary trading firms.

Account Insurance

All brokerage accounts will be insured by SIPC up to $500,000.

Security Consciousness

Regular security audits, bug bounties, and multi-factor authentication enabled by default.

Total Transparency

Gildset will be an open book, regularly filing on EDGAR and welcoming all independent auditors without delay.

We Eat Our Own Cooking

Gildset will use the platform too, giving Gildset an intricate understanding of the platform from a user’s perspective, where it could be improved, and which improvements would provide the greatest return on investment.